Warranty Policy

This policy outlines the warranties offered by M3 Interiors and product manufacturers for materials and installation services.

Material Warranties:

• All materials carry warranties provided directly by the manufacturer.

• M3 Interiors is happy to assist you with any communication regarding manufacturer warranties, but we are not directly responsible for their terms or fulfillment.

• Any warranty claims for materials must be directed to the product manufacturer.

• Customers understand that M3 Interiors cannot be held legally responsible for manufacturer warranties.

Installed Material Warranties:

• Material warranties for installed products also follow the policies set by the manufacturer.

M3 Interiors Installation Warranty:

• M3 Interiors warrants the labor associated with our installations for a period of one year from the date of completion.

• This warranty covers defects in workmanship performed by M3 Interiors installers.

• The warranty does not cover:

-Misuse of installed materials (e.g., using residential materials in a commercial application).

-Damage caused by excessive traffic, load, abuse, or any catastrophic event.

• If you experience any issues related to our installation work within the warranty period, please contact M3 Interiors immediately. We will assess the situation and determine the best course of action.

Additional Notes:

• It is highly recommended that you review the manufacturer's warranty information for each product you purchase. This information is typically included in the product packaging or available on the manufacturer's website.

• Maintaining a proper environment for your installed materials is crucial for their longevity. Please refer to manufacturer recommendations for proper care and upkeep.

• If you have any questions regarding warranties or require assistance with warranty claims, please don't hesitate to contact M3 Interiors. We are here to help!

By understanding these warranties, you can ensure a smooth and worry-free experience with M3 Interiors and the products you purchase from us.