Unlike laminate, most vinyl is typically waterproof or water-resistant. Laminate isn't the best choice for places that could have a lot of moisture like kitchens or bathrooms. However, Vinyl flooring can be put almost anywhere such as basements, living rooms, bedrooms, Kitchens's and bathrooms.
When choosing the floor, you should consider what features are more important to you. SPC is usually dense and more durable because it's made from limestone which makes it better resistant to dents or scratches. On the other hand, WPC is softer, quieter, and retains heat better than SPC.
Laminate flooring can be waterproof in some cases. Even though some laminate products say they're waterproof, typically laminate isn't. Water on Laminate can cause major damage to your flooring. Vinyl would be a better option if looking for waterproof flooring.

The material underneath vinyl flooring is called underlayment. Underlayment is different depending on whether you're using SPC or WPC and on where you want to install it.

Porcelain tiles are the most durable because they are extremely hard, dense, have a low absorption rate, and are long-lasting.