Shipping Policy

We offer two convenient delivery options to get your order to you:

1. Curbside Delivery:

Cost: Calculated based on the weight, origin of the product, and your distance (postal code).

Quote: The website cannot calculate shipping costs upfront. After you place your order, we will contact you within two business days with the exact shipping cost and estimated delivery timeframe.

• Inspection Upon Delivery:

-Visually Inspectable Items: For items where quantity, quality, and damage can be visually inspected upon delivery (e.g., unboxed items), please inspect your order immediately.

-Boxed Items: If your order arrives in sealed boxes that prevent immediate visual inspection, you have 24 hours to inform M3 Interiors of any discrepancies with your order, including quantity, quality, damage, or receiving incorrect products.

• Delivery Time:

-In-Stock Orders: Typically, 3-5 business days after order confirmation and availability check.

-Special Order Products: May take longer to obtain from distributors or manufacturers. We will keep you informed about the estimated timeframe.

• Important Notes:

We are not responsible for delays due to transportation, border issues, customs, or natural disasters.

We will provide regular email and message updates on your order status.

2. Pick-Up:

Locations: Pick up your order from our location or a distributor's location within the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Convenience: This option allows you to avoid shipping costs and inspect your order upon pickup.

• Inspection Upon Pick-Up: Similar to curbside delivery, we recommend inspecting your order for quantity, quality, damage, and receiving the correct products before leaving the pick-up location.

Additional Information:

• For both delivery options, the 3-5 business day timeframe applies after we confirm your order and product availability.

• We recommend contacting us if you have any questions about product availability, specific delivery timelines, or the inspection process.

• If you discover any discrepancies with your order upon inspection, regardless of delivery method, please contact M3 Interiors immediately to initiate a resolution process.

We strive to provide transparent and efficient shipping options, along with ensuring you receive your order accurately and in good condition. If you have any further inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact M3 Interiors directly.