It might be time to renovate that one room that we all avoid and hope our guests avoid as well.

We all have that one room in the house that we hate spending time in and are even embarrassed to bring others in as well. For many this is the washroom and its one of the few rooms that are visited by a single person at a time. This means that the room becomes the focal point and not the people around it or within it. This might mean its time for a renovation. When it comes to your comfort or the comfort of guest, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Is a tub necessary? Some say yes, some say no, it really depends on what your goals are for keeping your home. If you plan on keeping your home forever and have no intent on using one then you can skip the purchase but if you plan on selling your home in the future, a tub will raise its asking price.

If your house is a few decades old, the vanity height might be to small for today's heights.

Another thing to keep in mind is the shower and shower heads. There are a variety of styles to choose from but these will inevitably raise the cost of your renovation and plumbing. This makes it crucial to plan out the daily utilities you would need in your shower and where you would need them placed.

Grabbing bars might be a good idea as well depending on the ages of guests that use the washroom. Possibly even using a shower seat to give you somewhere to rest while showering.

Also think about how toiletry items for cleaning like shampoos and body wash will be kept. Niche shelves are a good idea to plan for in ahead to make sure it matches with the tiling or wall behind.

If you shave in the shower, it would make sense to plan ahead by making sure you install proper lighting, fog free mirror and space to actually shave. For those who might need more space than the typical vanity offers, a possibility might be a make up desk which will allow you not only a second location the powder up but also more space to store items. Storage space is key. You can even find room to fit books or reading material.

Lastly one must carefully plan out the location of towel bars and hooks. Placing them in the optimal position for easy access is key, not to mention they play a huge role in the overall design of the room.

Hopefully these tips will be enough to keep in mind when planning that next bathroom renovation.