Most people when they start remodeling their home, they even consider how they will use their amenities while everything is under construction. If your kitchen is being remodeled and your staying in your home, you are going to need to figure out a way to eat and maybe cook while everything is under construction. Here are some preparations and things to keep in mind when renovating.

First things first is to plan ahead of time before you even start renovating. This allows to figure out how to pack up your kitchen items, figure what your expenses will be and what appliances you will have access to. This might mean you will have to store food items in places you usually don't store them.

It also might be possible for you to set up a mini kitchen in another location in your home. You can take any smaller kitchen items that are portable like a coffee maker, mini fridge, rice cooker, toaster,...etc. If your are fortunate of having a mini bar or mini kitchen in your house, that would be the perfect spot but most people don't have these amenities so they will have to find space elsewhere. It's important to find an open space that can fit all your essential kitchen tools while not taking up room for something else important.

Another thing that might change as well is your menu plan since it will be based on what kitchen tools are available to you. This will most likely be simple and easy meals, nothing to time consuming or anything that needs a lot of cleanup.

Make sure you clean up right after you eat because chances are that your not going to have access to the same cleaning utilities. The last thing you want is to turn this second place into mess that will be even harder to clean. Figure out which appliance need the most cleaning and which ones don't need any cleaning, this will again inform you on what you can bring and easily use in your new kitchen space. This area should also be a construction free zone, free from the tools of any workers or your contractor. This will allow you to keep the sanity of the space with getting dust or dirt on your food.

One key to keep note of are utensils and plates. Many might just stick to paper towels but this can start get costly since they are a one time use and you have added another function for them other than cleaning your hands. This will also add a lot of waste and unnecessary garbage so another option could be to decide on one designated item for each use case and just clean and reuse them. This means one plate, one bowl, one fork, knife,...etc. Maybe you can even get rid of some old cutlery to reduce clutter.

Last but not least, a place to eat. Whether you are preparing food or ordering take out, it can get tiring having to stand or sit on the floor all the time. This is why you need to find a room that either has seating or space for you to put a foldable chair. If you have multiple family members, make sure there is room for them as well. Hopefully this gives you some option about how to live without your kitchen.